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Mighty Brighton (the best title I could come up with)

Yesterday was the birthday of the woman who invented me, my mum is now 'nifty for fifty'! She's recently been dying for a trip to Brighton for a mozy along the shops so we took a rather sweet family trip up there.

Parading the madness that is my family around in public can usually be manic, but we did have a really nice day, visited some awfully sweet shops (including the old fashioned sweet shops- yum)!

Every time we passed a book shop I jumped right in, I love a good read but I also adore just looking at pre loved books, it's heaven for me! 

The addition of my sister's boyfriend and my own inclined us to go into a less clothesy shop, but they didn't so much want me in there once I started commenting on the disproportions of all the female characters on the covers. I'm sorry but if the comic is really that good, then it shouldn't need sexism to sell it... right??

Overall it had been a really nice day. Mum was quite chuffed with it all, anyhow. Although maybe it's because we set her up with this for brekkie...

Happy days, really
- Deenie xoxo

P.S. Sorry for my severe lack of activity. I've just joined college and landed a job and it's all been a bit much, but more on this later. Look forward to it ;)


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