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Bunting FUNting!

I just had to double check with Urban Dictionary to make sure that funting isn't a naughty word. (It's not, woo!)
I ordered a pair of shoes from New Look about a month ago and had to spend an extra £2 to get free delivery. I decided to go for this cute stuff here; I've only just got arou…

I Love To Bake!

If you're not a hardcore High School Musical fan, like me, then this title probably didn't have the same effect as it did in my head. Y'know, when Zeke confesses his deepest darkest secret of how he wishes to create the perfect creme brulee? He is my spirit animal.
Basically, I really ad…

Throw Back Thursday

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything in well over a week and I come back with something so drab. Plus, there's only 27 minutes left of Thursday (and counting).
Either way, I think I (on the right) am pretty cute... and creepy as hell. I was always a charmer, you see. And my younger siste…

Pining For A Parka

A really dear friend of mine has gone missing, if you could all keep your eyes peeled for the much loved and missed sunshine, then that would be great! 
Autumn is the season I find myself perpetually unprepared for. Summer is easy, Winter I just wear everything in my wardrobe at once, but Autumn, no…

Mighty Brighton (the best title I could come up with)

Yesterday was the birthday of the woman who invented me, my mum is now 'nifty for fifty'! She's recently been dying for a trip to Brighton for a mozy along the shops so we took a rather sweet family trip up there.
Parading the madness that is my family around in public can usually be man…